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All employees of KATRAN Group of Companies undergo special training and constantly raise their professional level and improve skills.

  • KATRAN Group of Companies was established in 1994 in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation “On private detective and security activities”.
  • Professional activity of the Company has been insured by “Ingosstrakh” insurance company for the amount of 1,000,000 US dollars.

Currently, KATRAN Group of Companies cooperates with more than 100 clients, among which mention may be made of Russian and foreign companies, state organizations and private persons. KATRAN Group of Companies was honoured at various times with awards and letters of acknowledgement for conscientious and professional fulfillment of its obligations by such institutions as Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Directorate for Licenses and Permits of the Main Directorate of Internal Affairs of the city of Moscow, Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, Commanding Officer of the Main Directorate of Extra-Departmental Guard of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Chechen Republic, Basmanny District Department of Internal Affairs of the city of Moscow, Head Board of the Central Army Sports Club, Education Committee of the Central Administrative District of the city of Moscow and many other partners.


The operations unit receives information from sites 24 hours a day and coordinates the activity of different subdivisions of the Company in case of emergency situation or in case of hazardous risks at sites.

hours / 7 days a week

  • KATRAN Group of Companies has its own control department, the main task of which is exercising control over the fulfillment of professional duties by the employees of security and escort department.
  • Holding quarterly certification of security personnel as to professional suitability.
  • Immediate performance of line-of-duty investigations for each emergency situation or event at sites, with elaboration of disciplinary measures.
  • Summing up monthly and annual results of work with encouragement of distinguished employees and analysis of breaches of labor discipline for the reporting period.

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Our Mission

We have been providing services for more than 15 years. Over all these years, we have been striving to extend the potential of a systematic approach to safety, to transform security into a multifunctional tool, enabling us to provide maximum level of safety, protection of property, life and health of our partners.

We offer a wide range of security services, regardless of their complexity, such as security of fixed facilities or development and implementation of full range of integrated security systems.

Our company possesses creative and responsible staff, which is distinguished by its professionalism and fair practices.

We are progressing, and we are trying to meet the requirements and requests of our partners in the sphere of security. We try to improve the quality of our services day by day.

You may watch video tape about our security company and its work here: watch