Security Escort of Goods in Transit

In order to ensure the protection of customer's property, including the protection during transportation, we have set up Escort Department.

Aspects of Work

  • Provide immediate protection of the property being escorted.
  • Promptly assess the situation in case of emergency, in order to prevent any abuse and theft of the protected property.
  • Develop optimal route plan for transportation, with due regard for all peculiarities of traffic situation.
Security Escort of Goods in Transit


  • Type of security *
    Cost per hour for one employee *
  • By road transport within the territory of Moscow and the Moscow Region
    from 280 rub.
  • Within the territory of the Russian Federation by all types of transport
    from 210 rub.

All prices are given inclusive of VAT

* The cost of security services depends on the site’s technical equipment, the number of posts, the conditions of service etc.