Sites Security

The main task of sites security department is the protection of lives and health of citizens, protection of property and the interests of a client at fixed sites of any complexity.

Aspects of Work

  • implementation of on-site regime at the sites of any complexity;
  • prevention of spoilage and theft as to the owner’s property;
  • prevention of unlawful acts as to the customer, its personnel and guests present in the territory of the site;
  • implementation of access control mode for vehicles and pedestrians;
  • provision of public order when holding mass events;
  • VIP service during the events of any complexity;
  • control over technical and fire safety condition of the site;
  • measures for the prevention of terrorist acts and subversive activities;

The total number of personnel ensuring security of sites amounts to more than 500 persons. The employees of the department draw duty with all types of service weapons and special equipment permitted by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Sites Security


  • Type of security
    Cost per hour for one post*
  • Unarmed, 24-hour
    from 150 rub.
  • Unarmed, 12-hour
    from 280 rub.
  • Armed, 24-hour
    from 190 rub.
  • Armed, 12-hour
    from 300 rub.
  • Patrol group
    from 300 rub.

All prices are given inclusive of VAT

* The cost of security services depends on the site’s technical equipment, the number of posts, the conditions of service etc.